This “month” in Calligra #1


In the past years, Calligra has not been very active. Since a few months, we are trying to improve the situation and come back. We need great office suites. We need components we can reuse in our applications. We need a Plasma-mobile document viewer. This is what Calligra can be, this is what Calligra will be.

In order to show what is happening in the project, we will try to write monthly activity reports. Since it is the first one, it will convey the changes of the whole year.

The whole suite received huge code modernization. We were still using old constructions (especially old style connect) that are slower or less safe than new ones. Thanks to clazy and patience, a lot of these are gone now. We also started upgrading our minimum requirements in order to anticipate the future Qt 6 migration, with further upgrades in the pipe. As a side effect (and also some additional work), the compiler is complaining much less than before.

We also have some more specific changes in the various suite components, listed below.

File formats:

  • fix missing background in docx files (#239200)
  • support encodings other than UTF8/16 in word files metadata (#406014)


  • fix duplicated actions (#426801)


  • fix underline/strikethrough being paint without accounting for DPI
  • crash fixes when being headless
  • fix a potential crash on exit
  • improve the statistics logic and split it between widget and computation
  • huge performance improvement when opening and saving medium to huge documents (tests performed with Open Document specification, over 800 pages)


  • fix a potential crash on exit

Okular plugin:

  • fix a massive memory leak (that likely made documents of 10+ pages unusable)


  • improve design
  • depend on Qt 5.15 to simplify the QML code

We will try to release a 3.3 soon so you can enjoy these changes.